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Established in 1972, we offer a full range of public relations services to the financial industry. Since each client has different needs, programs are designed accordingly, with fees a function of the services provided.

The Fifth Wave for Greg McAndrews & Associates

    First Wave

    John De Nigris Associates hired Greg McAndrews from Control Data, where he was Public Relations Manager for the Computer Peripherals Division, in mid-December 1972.  The Dow Jones Industrial Averages hit 1,000 for the last time in mid-January of 1973 and didn’t get back to that mark until late 1982.  The team managed to keep a few De Nigris clients on board and to attract new clients from the burgeoning computer industry that Mr. McAndrews had just left.

    Second Wave

    From late 1978 through 1986, we were the largest PR firm in the country handling tax shelter sponsors…until the Tax Reform Act of 1986 took effect…then we were the biggest firm of nuthin!!!  We still had straight-up real estate, oil & gas and research & development clients; but not on the scope of the previous eight years.

    Third Wave

    Our real estate securities clients started eying the tax-deferred 1031 real estate provisions of the Code in early 1997.  We became the largest PR firm in the country in this sector as many of our friends from the tax shelter days moved into this very attractive field.  When conduit lending dried up and the mortgage loan industry fell into disarray, these clients basically moved to the sidelines and began the process to diversify their firms for the future.

    Fourth Wave

    Micro-cap firms are making a comeback as Sarbanes-Oxley filing guidelines become more firm and FINRA continues to clean up the Pink Sheet and Bulletin Board markets. As of mid-2008, we were back in that sector as we continued to support our real estate securities clients.

    Fifth Wave

    Mr. McAndrews opened an Alexandria, VA office in May 2011 increasing the firm's exposure with regulatory authorities in Washington, D.C. and New York to better influence the direction of the small securities offering and trading industries. This is now the headquarters with representation in New York and Los Angeles continuing.


    To Our Friends in the Financial Community

    Waves come and go, but professionals in this industry act with integrity in all cyclic waves, then mentor others and the tradition continues.  We plan to provide “New York Stock Exchange” quality financial communications to emerging companies for many, many years to come.

Gregory A. McAndrews


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