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Biography - Gregory A. McAndrews

Since 1972, Greg McAndrews has served as financial public relations counselor to more than 250 public and private companies.

Mr. McAndrews has personally created more than 300 annual reports; established dozens of investor relations programs and successfully set up strategic plans for raising $2,173,609,195 in 234 securities engagements.

Mr. McAndrews has represented John De Nigris Associates, Inc. of New York (the first financial public relations firm to be publicly-traded) as an employee and then a partner during this time.  Mr. De Nigris retired in March 2000 and Greg McAndrews & Associates subsequently reached agreement to act as West Coast correspondent for Porter, LeVay & Rose of New York .

Prior to joining John De Nigris Associates, NCR Corporation selected Mr. McAndrews to create public relations programs for its newest computer line in 1968. Mr. McAndrews eventually directed all public relations for NCR 's largest division. When the division was sold to Control Data Corporation, he was named manager of West Coast public relations.

Mr. McAndrews was awarded a full academic scholarship to the University of Southern California. He graduated from the School of Journalism with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Mr. McAndrews is the author of papers on A 10-Point Public Relations Program for Financial Planners, Sec. 8 Housing Tax Credits and Sec. 29 Oil and Gas Tax Credits. He has been appointed an expert witness regarding advertising and promotion issues in securities sales.

Mr. McAndrews is the current Chairman Emeritus of the National Association of Financial Wholesalers. His affiliations also include the International Association for Financial Planning. L.A. Police Historical Society and the Trojan Football Alumni Club. Mr. McAndrews is a former member of the Board of Directors of the University of Southern California's President's Circle and is active in university affairs. He is a frequent contributor to securities publications.

He may be reached directly by e-mail at

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